Monday, 4 August 2014

Welcome to Past the Mirror, where we step through the looking glass into all the weird and wonderful realms that lay just out of our everyday sight.  Come with me to enjoy ghosts, witches, faeries and at least one or two superheroes. 

If you'd like to poke around, there's plenty to keep your interest.

Writing Updates and Blog: This is where you'll find information on my writing and my life.  To keep me motivated, I post my weekly word count.  The goal is 4000 words per week.  Sometimes I'll make it, sometimes I won't.

Upcoming Projects: This is where you can get details about what I'm currently working on.

About Me is your one stop shop to find out all the information you might ever want to know about me that I'm willing to share.

Books has excerpts, cover shots and links you to Amazon where you can pick up my work.

Behind the Scenes is where you can find extra information and commentary about what I've written.  This area contains spoilers, so enter at your own risk.

I’m always interested in hearing feedback and comments.  You can email me at

I hope you enjoy your trip through the mirror with me and hope you’ll keep coming back for more.

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