Reviews of Revelations

From USA Today Bestselling Author Deborah Cooke:
"A fabulous and even dangerous heroine, an intriguing paranormal world, a diabolical plan to harness supernaturals AND a sweet romance combine to make REVELATIONS an engaging debut!"

From Kerliza on Readers' Favorite: 4 stars

"Jennifer Carole Lewis' Revelations starts off with an interesting cast of characters that leaves the reader wanting to know more....  This book offers insight to those who may be struggling to fit into society, and things that appear to be normal are not always what they seem....  Two thumbs up for Lewis.... I recommend this book to those who love sci-fi, fantasy and some romance."

From Laurie on 5 stars

"This story grabbed you by the throat from the first sentence and left you gasping for breath.  Well written, exciting and sexy."

From Jane on 4 stars

"Once a voracious reader, I have had trouble finishing a book in the last two years.  Finishing this book was no trouble and I enjoyed losing myself within its chapters.  The characters are well-developed, intelligent and interesting.  The plot moves and does not disappoint.  And of course there is just the right amount of sizzle to make it interesting."

From Nadaness in Motion: "Revelations is a quick paced novel that changes the common perceptions of the "hero", with journeys of self-discovery, acceptance and finding romance in unlikely places and people." - Nada, Nadaness in Motion

From Writer in Progress: "This is one of the best love stories I have read in a long time!"

"The pacing of this story is written so well that you feel like you're a heartbeat away from more action and emotion than you can handle.  The characters are so well developed that they have the feel of real people.  Dani's confidence on stage while she danced was one of my favorite things about her.  I've never been a burlesque dancer but I understand the feeling of power and beauty when you've captivated an audience.... I cannot wait to read more from Jennifer Carole Lewis!!" - Ella, Writer in Progress

From Romance Novel Giveaways - 5 hearts

"This book really appealed to me because it has a sort of "X-men/Avengers" sort of feel to it, and that is unlike any romance novel I have ever read before! .... The imagery and descriptions in this book are phenomenal, and I was on the edge of my seat with "Oh my gosh, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!" almost constantly coming out of my mouth .... If a movie ever gets made based on this book, because one should, I would be first in line at the ticket booth." - Lauren, Romance Novel Giveaways.

From Happy Tails and Tales - 5 paws

"This is a seriously cool book .... It's dark and gritty and maybe not for the weak of heart .... I loved the plot and twists and mysteries surrounding the gifted .... I want more!" - Maghon T, Happy Tails and Tales Blog.

From Taking It One Book At A Time - 5 fangs

"Absolutely Magical!  Revelations was a true breath of fresh air! .... One thing I loved was the chemistry these two shared, because it wasn't just white hot, it was delicate at the same time.  Both of them fighting an urge they needed to contain in order to keep their was beautiful! .... After reading Revelations, I haven't been this excited to pick up the next book in a series in a very long time.  Jennifer has a true talent & knack for reeling people in.  So proceed with caution if you plan on picking up this book it, you'll be hooked!" - Jessica H, Taking It One Book At A Time Blog.

From Tome Tender: 4.5 stars

"What a wonderfully imaginative adventure Jennifer Carole Lewis created in Revelations! .... There was just something magical and memorizing about this completely original and vivid world of Lewis's imagination.  The story is at times dark and gritty but still holds the feeling of real people.  This is a wonderful start to a new series." - Beth H, Tome Tender Blog

From 4 out of 5 stars

"I am not usually a fan of romance because I find it hard to get into the characters. But Ms. Lewis not only takes the archetypes apart, she smashes them with Hulk-smash enthusiasm!

I found it very hard to put down for the story that surrounds the characters, too. One more page became, just ONE more chapter. Can't wait to see more." - Christina C

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