Reviews of Metamorphosis

From Leigh on 5 stars
"I loved this story - I could not put it down!! :D
The world that Jennifer has created here is detailed, complex, and super, super cool.  The twist on the normal "shifter" romance trope was interesting and added a whole separate level of issues as the mysteries unfolded.... Now I'm going to go back and read her first book, Revelations, and you can bet I'm excited to see what she writes next!"

From Happy Tails and Tales: 5 paws
"Book Two is just as great as book one and I definitely could not put this one down!  There was so much going for it, a great supernatural twist, some good romance, excellent suspense and mystery, and some action thrown around some magic.  :)  See, a little bit for everyone!  I love the take the author has on skinwalkers.... I really enjoy this author's writing.  She has a way of captivating you and ensnaring you with her words and endearing you to her characters.  I definitely look forward to the next book in the series.  I loved it!" - Maghon, Happy Tails and Tales

From Nadaness In Motion:
"I enjoyed the use of psychology with the characters of Ron and Vincent, especially since the two characters are similar in several aspects, particularly being controlled by A.D., whose touch renders his victims his slaves.... Artful humour is prevalent in the novel to break the tension.  An important aspect often forgotten or overlooked by writers.... Metamorphosis is a novel of romance and journey into maturity and self-discovery, and it's full of beautiful quotes and imagery.  I look forward to reading more in the series." - Nada, Nadaness In Motion

From Lauren on Goodreads: 5 stars
"This was one of those books that had me staying up late, neglecting my household chores and stealing every minute I could to read it.  It has a little bit of everything: Magic, mystery, love, action, suspense.... The love that developed and the connection between Lily and Ron was so endearing.  I especially liked when Ron confided in a very special four-legged friend.  The writing was spectacular, and the story flowed smoothly and without any of the usual clich├ęs I see being used over and over again in many romance novels.  All in all, this is an amazing read, and I cannot wait for the next book by Jennifer."  - Lauren, Romance Novel Giveaways

From Tome Tender: 4 stars
"Metamorphosis is a slow building shifter/skinwalker story that had plenty of action, suspense (romantic and plot wise) and growling cuddly bears to make for a highly entertaining read." -Beth, Tome Tender Blog

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